Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teaching Children About Herbs

There is this awesome book club that is a web site set up to help teach children  about herbs. It is geared towards ages 5-12, I know very vast, but you can read more about it at my other blog It's Your Life.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest Blogger Kelsey of Find a Nanny

 5 Ways to Keep Your Homeschooler Focused

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Homeschooling is not always the easiest for the teachers or the kids because of the different kinds of distractions that are presented. Children often have a hard time focusing during lessons and the main reason they lack focus is because they are not interested in the material or need a break. Here are 5 ways to prevent your child from straying off course. 

Breaks: It is important that your child has enough breaks to keep their focus strong. Obviously, schedule breaks when you think they are needed, when their attention starts to waver. However, if you see that the child is in the zone, don’t break it and continue on until they start to lose interest. A good break amount is one 5-7 minute break about every 60-80 minutes depending on their age and attention span. 

Exercise: Children naturally have loads of energy and need a way to get it out without getting too tired. Before you start your lesson plans, take a 45 minute walk or play a 30 minute low impact sport in the backyard. Burning enough energy is key, burning too much can make them tired and unwilling to participate in the lessons. 

Snacks: Small, healthy and protein packed snacks are perfect for giving that boost of energy they need to focus. An apple with peanut butter or a small cup of trail mix is a good option. This will feed their appetite and hold them over until lunch. Refrain from sugary snacks to avoid a sugar rush and the fatal sugar crash moments later. 

Schedule: Before you start your daily lesson with your child, try writing down the proposed schedule on a piece of paper or on a white board. Having a schedule written out for the child, will help them remain focused on the topic at hand and prepare for what is to come. 

Make it fun: Keep the lesson plans interactive and fun. The more fun you make it, the less they get bored and the less they lose focus. Using bright colors, interactive media and hands on projects is perfect for homeschoolers. 

To keep your child on track, post the daily schedule within their view and follow. Remember to make the lessons fun and interactive, schedule breaks and snacks. Don’t forget to let them blow off the steam and exercise before the lessons begin. Good luck and happy homeschooling! 

Author Byline:
Kelsey is the editor in chief for She loves to write articles and ideas that parents & nannies would be interested in hearing. She helps society on giving information about nannies through nanny services. She is a professional writer & loves writing on anything.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Usborne Rocks & Fossils, Pirate, & Dino Kid Kits 50% Off

Going out of business need to get rid of 11 boxes of inventory, will be posting little by little. All items are new, come from a smoke & pet free home. I except Paypal and money orders, postage is extra please include your zip code for proper pricing.

7 Rocks & Fossils kid kits regular price $15.99 selling for $8.00 each ages 10 and up no longer available through Usborne. Contains 1 paper back book, and case with magnifying glass, and 8 rocks.

7 Pirate kid kits regular price $16.99 selling for $9.00 each all ages not for children under 3 choking hazard. Contains Stories of Pirates paper back book, pirate bandanna, spy glass, pirate flag, eye patch, clip on earring, gold coins, and compass. This would be great for a pirate themed party, buy all we can make a deal.

6 Dino kid kits regular price $19.99 selling for $10.00 says for all ages choking hazard, may need adult help or supervision. Contains beginner reading level dinosaur hard back book internet referenced, T-Rex bones encased in excavation rock, archaeological digging tools, brush, eye goggles (not considered actual safety goggles.)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to make a offer.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Usborne Books & More

I am selling my 12 boxes of inventory, I have some listed on my web site, will continue to add. If you are looking for something let me know I will check my inventory list. Willing to make deals for multiple purchases, I take Paypal and money orders only, confirm all transactions, and include a tracking number.

Usborne Books & More Sale

My Personal Homeschool Items For Sale.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hands On Science Giveaway

This past year I did a review for this curriculum, at this point I am cleaning my shelves. I thought it was only right to give this away considering it was given to me free for the review. My boys will be doing 8th & 10th grade work next year. This K-6 curriculum is the first volume of a series, and is entitled Particles in Motion.

So, whoever would like to have this, email me with your mailing information, and I will get it out you. The first person to do so will get it, and I will inform you my responding to your email. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, you did not get it.

edjumpoff at yahoo dot com

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

News From Usborne Books & More

I am so excited, Usborne Books & More just released their e-commerce consultant web sites. Finally everything in one spot, plus the new Demibooks story time app from iTunes. Now you can easily find a fundraising program, you can also access the school and library section for other programs homeschoolers can use as well as schools. Now all the new titles are in one place, my favorite is You Choose, children create the story, so it is never the same twice. Combined volumes are a great way to save money, I have two favorites, Book of Bible Stories, and Ted and Friends, plus they both come with a CD, great for travel. You can also sign up for the newsletter to keep updated on all the news, and let me you tell you there is always something new. So, what are you waiting stop and take a look at the  new site.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wizards, Pirates, and Princess Things To Make & Do

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I need to get rid some stock, and this title is one that needs to get going. I had a school order ten copies for a book fair, and still have all ten. I am taking 50% of this book, you can purchase them through Paypal using the email address included in my contact information. Original price is $14.99, get now for $7.50, for more details you can view here.

This book is geared towards ages 6 and up, includes 96 pages, and over 500 stickers. This is a great book to use for craft projects geared towards the topics. It can also be used for projects or decorations for a themed party.

 Shipping is not included, please email me with your address, and let me know what type of shipping you would like, media is the cheapest, but also the slowest. I will let you know the total cost, you can use Paypal, or send me a money order. I keep consistent contact when shipping, I'll let you know when I receive payment, and when I ship, I keep all receipts.

These are all new books, feel free to contact me with any and all questions.

Photo credit: Usborne Books & More

Photo credit: Usborne Books & More

Photo credit: Usborne Books & More