Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be Creative

We decided to use Christian Kids Explore Chemistry (change of mind at the last minute) and were supposed to make an atom yesterday. Well mom was not prepared and we lacked the styrofoam balls we needed, so we did not do chemistry at all yesterday. We live out in the country and the small town close to us is so small there is not even a movie theater or a Walmart. OK we are not skipping chemistry, so what else do I have that we can use. Let's look in the handy dandy craft stash, oh look here is some clay and just the colors we need. Toothpicks I forgot yet again to pick those up, I know we can use craft wire to connect them. Straws, has anyone seen the straws, no all gone. OK we have stick matches I'll cut the tips off and we can use these for our spacers. And below you have a lithium atom. It just goes to show you that #1 always keep a good craft supply stash and #2 a little imagination can create an atom.

The beginning of the atom, protons

Now we have three protons, four neutrons, and three electrons

Now let's put our atom together

Look I made a atom!!!!Brandon my eleven year old

You may have an atom, but I have a lithium atom!!Brett my nine year old

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Greeks and the Olympics

In lue of the Olympics starting tomorrow we have decided to do some studying on the subject of the Olympics, Greece and China. We started today by visiting the web site below to find out just how the Olympics got started. From there we visited another site also below which discussed Greek mythology. During our discussions on Zeus and Hercules the boys started talking about the constellations, well we had to get the book out (The Usborne Complete Book of Astronomy & Space) which shows some of the many constellations to see what others matched up with Greek mythology. That led my nine year old to locate a book called The Children's Book of Heroes by William J. Bennett and Greek Myths for Young Children by Marcia Williams. We read two stories out of the first book The Sphinx and The Minotaur. When you have homeschooled as long as we have you tend to gather books on a variety of topics. Of course it helps they have a sister who is 17 and studied these topics before them.

Greek Olympic Games

Learn about the history of the Olympic games

Encylopedia for Greek Gods & Goddesses and more

Alphabetical listing for Greek mythology.

The Sphinx

You can read the story here or older children can read it themselves.

Theseus and the Minotaur

This version is similar to the one we read, interesting to see links for other versions. This site is a great site for history if you have never been here before.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Olympics & China

We have decided to study the Olympics and China as I started my search I came across another blogger who put together a great list of links. Voice of the Martyrs is offering free Olympic prayer bracelets for China, and I ordered some. We have been talking about how important it is for us to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering there and that the Olympics start Friday. We decided it would be neat to incorporate a study of the Olympics and China into our studies. The Voice of the Martyr has a link entitled Kids of Courage with stats on China along with stories of Christian children and activities I figure we can some how incorporate this into our lessons. You can also download a free activity book on China. You can get to Kids of Courage by utilizing the link below for the bracelets. I will be adding to this blog as we do our study so be sure to check back.

Beijing Olympics 2008 Labook & Unit Study

Prayer Bracelets