Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be Creative

We decided to use Christian Kids Explore Chemistry (change of mind at the last minute) and were supposed to make an atom yesterday. Well mom was not prepared and we lacked the styrofoam balls we needed, so we did not do chemistry at all yesterday. We live out in the country and the small town close to us is so small there is not even a movie theater or a Walmart. OK we are not skipping chemistry, so what else do I have that we can use. Let's look in the handy dandy craft stash, oh look here is some clay and just the colors we need. Toothpicks I forgot yet again to pick those up, I know we can use craft wire to connect them. Straws, has anyone seen the straws, no all gone. OK we have stick matches I'll cut the tips off and we can use these for our spacers. And below you have a lithium atom. It just goes to show you that #1 always keep a good craft supply stash and #2 a little imagination can create an atom.

The beginning of the atom, protons

Now we have three protons, four neutrons, and three electrons

Now let's put our atom together

Look I made a atom!!!!Brandon my eleven year old

You may have an atom, but I have a lithium atom!!Brett my nine year old

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