Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Previews

As I checked my email today I noticed the normal email from The Homeschool Magazine. I recieve free information and articles from them which are wonderful. Today I clicked on the link to view the web site and something happened, it did not take them there. I noticed a link forarchived emails. and clicked on that. Well, as usual I wound up side track when I became attracted to a link which said 2010 homeschool freebies, well it had the word free I had to take a look. There is a list of different companies offering free views of their products. The majority of them I have never heard of, but their a few that looked interesting so I took a look. The first one was for a typing program called Christian Keyboarding. I was very dissappointed to see that while there were only free views of the program none of them were helpful. Next I went to a site for science and signed up for another newsletter, but this one is different there are also seminars. Some of the titles were listed and included one for the SAT/ACT, teaching the science 6th - 12th and more. I feel this is a site worth looking at, started by a homeschool dad with a passion for body science simply called Homeschool Science Academy. Mother Boards is another science site which also teaches research skills utilizing the internet children find the answers to science questions. They are to record the answer and link, links can only be used one time, this is a PDF file which also includes safe surfing tips. Well, that's all I have time for today. If you take a look at some of the other links on the list please consider posting them.

Note:Above image is the logo from Mother Boards, it is so cute!!!!

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