About Me

I am a native of Chicago, not the suburbs, but Chicago. I left in 2005 when I married a man from West TN, a year after the passing of my children's father. In 2010 we relocated to Louisiana were we currently reside.

We started homeschooling in 1997. I have served in a leadership roll in a homeschool support group along with coordinating co-op. Served as VBS director, AWANA leader and Scout master.

In 1999 I started a non profit, Education Jump-Off, and took in used curriculum on consignment. In 2006 with the prompting of my husband I went to college online to earn my associates in business. While Education Jump-Off has lost the non profit statues, the Lord, now in 2011, has instructed me to re-establish the organization.
As a child I was a compulsive liar and mom always said I would grow up to be a writer, hmmmm. During my teen years I wrote poetry to escape the many issues teens face. It has been a long time since I have written poetry, but I freelance on Examiner.com as the Baton Rouge Homeschool Examiner and of course blog.

As of July 2011 I have entered into a new part of my journey here on earth and the Lord has prompted to me to do less writing and blogging. My focus is on getting Education Jump-Off back where it once was along with where it is suppose to be. So, if you do not see any recent blogs it is because I am busy doing my Father's will. However, I do add new links frequently to the web site, Education Jump-Off so, please feel free to browse the many wonderful resources there.

What I love is God, my family, friends, fishing, hiking, camping, traveling when I can, tossing around the Frisbee or football, crafting, reading when I can, cooking and baking from scratch, music, writing, learning, exercising, helping others and I am sure there is more that I am leaving out. I just like to do a bunch of stuff and I have things I would like to do such as, learn to read music, stain glass, archery, kick box, fence, stick fight, boy I'm getting a little violent here, lol. Usually I like to write with the thought in mind that less is more, however there is more to me then less.

My mission is to aid in the education of the world's greatest natural resource, the children.

My personal motto is never stop learning.