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Brandon 1996, Brett 1998, Brittany 1991
Posted February 15, 2011
We have been homeschooling since 1997, I started homeschooling after my daughter was diagnoised with the beginning of an ulcer. This stemed from the stress she was feeling in school. I wanted to homeschool, but did not know where to go for informtion. My decission to homeschool was to be the main influence in the lives of my children, teaching them God's Word was a big plus.

The one thing I have noticed about my children and I credit to homeschooling is the bond they share. My brothers and I where never as close or as loving towards one another as my children are. Brittany is living in Tennessee, but the boys especially Brandon always want to know what she is up to. They keep tracked of each others comings and goings and always need to know where each other is. They lift each other up, encourage one another and def.end one another. They are always there for each other no matter how far apart we might be.

I love my life!!!!

April 14, 2011

Come fall as many of you already know I will have a high school student. For those with younger children I bow down to you, why? Because at this time I am feeling like all the freedom to pick and chose and the fun will be gone. I feel like it is time to get serious and stay on a rigid track. However, I am determmined to find a way to make the high school years less rigid.

March 31, 2011

The boys are doing Rod & Staff English this year and their is a lot of writing, so we do it orally.T What does it matter if it is written down or they tell me the answer, unless you have to keep a portfolio. I do have them write down the date and page/pages numbers they did just for the sake of having some type of record.

There are writing assignments which Brandon utilizes a blog for, it makes more fun and interesting for him. Brett does not like to write, but can spew out what he would write like there is no tomorrow. While I am encouraging the boys to learn to type and even have curriculum it has fallen to the way side. Partially my fault for not staying on top of them, but for now Brett dictates to me and I type out for him. It has helped him to again more confidence about writing when I read back what he spewed at me. He is amazed that it came from him and sounds so good.

March 18, 2011

Brett and Mom back in Tennessee
I tried to find a picture of just Brett, but considering these children are always together it is hard. This is a good thing though, the reason I wanted one of just Brett is because he is my topic for the day. Brett is the youngest and has been different from the other since the beginning. Yes, they are all different, but the older two are similar in a lot ways.

Brett has been athletic since the beginning, he also has been very serious since than also. He has a great passion for the Lord and is a blessing to study the Word with. This is my over the top smart child who when he has no books to read from the local library turns to the dictionary. He is great to have around when you need information, just yesterday Brandon wanted to know what the plastic tip on the end of the shoe lace was called, it's a aglets piped Brett.

In first grade he read every book about the planets he could find. You will find him full of all kinds of information and I can not even tell you where he gets it. He will come in and state some random fact, not all are believable, but conducting an internet search validates them. He has spoken about going into science when he is older and I am sure he will, the only thing that changes is which aspect.

There is a lot more to Brett, but than isn't that true of all of us.

February 16, 2011

Brittany went to high school when we moved from Chicago to Tennessee so I never homeschooled high school. Brandon starts his high school career in the fall and wants to go to school, not happening. I have seen various discussion on this topic "My Child Wants to go to School." I feel I made a mistake in letting Brittany go to high school and I felt she was more prepared for what she would face than Brandon is.

The world is so full of temptations every where we look that it is hard for young Christians to be in the world without becoming a part of it. I lost my daughter twice to school and will not give up another child to the world. The school and staff at the high school were wonderful and being in the Bible Belt most were Christian, it was her peers that were the problem.

While Brittany is a wonderful, beautiful young woman there are parts of her missing. No, Brandon is not going to high school so I am now on another exciting part of the homeschooling adventure. Homeschool high school here we come.

Feburary 22, 2011

The boys do not like history I have tried numerous things to get them involved, they don't even like the field trips pertaining to history. The only thing that they will do pertaining to history is watch Youtube videos or the History channel videos. While we have a long career as homeschoolers I still struggle to get out of the box. That is that books are the only way to learn. I would think it would be easy considering I did not do well in school nor did I care to learn what they wanted me to learn. I have given them options about what they want to learn about in history, but the topic just does not interest them. I have even broadened the topic of history to include the history of..... So, until they decide they want to learn something specific concerning history it will just be Youtube and the History channel and I will learn to adjust.

March 2, 2011

                         High School:The New Adventure has Begun

Currently I am soaking up any and all information on homeschooling high school beginning this fall.
I am blessed to have a variety of individuals in my life who have or are homeschooling a high school student.

So far the biggest shock has been learning that these students are being prepared for the SAT or ACT. This is the sole focus of many homeschoolers working with high school students. One individual I spoke with had the high schooler take the ACT their freshman year just to find out what they would need to work on. The student scored high enough to start attending the local college while still working on high school credits. So credits are being earned for not only high school, but also for college.

Sometimes the credits earned in college can be considered a dual credit and also utilized for high school credits. Not sure how all that works, but when I do I will be sure to blog on it.

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