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 5 Ways to Keep Your Homeschooler Focused

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Homeschooling is not always the easiest for the teachers or the kids because of the different kinds of distractions that are presented. Children often have a hard time focusing during lessons and the main reason they lack focus is because they are not interested in the material or need a break. Here are 5 ways to prevent your child from straying off course. 

Breaks: It is important that your child has enough breaks to keep their focus strong. Obviously, schedule breaks when you think they are needed, when their attention starts to waver. However, if you see that the child is in the zone, don’t break it and continue on until they start to lose interest. A good break amount is one 5-7 minute break about every 60-80 minutes depending on their age and attention span. 

Exercise: Children naturally have loads of energy and need a way to get it out without getting too tired. Before you start your lesson plans, take a 45 minute walk or play a 30 minute low impact sport in the backyard. Burning enough energy is key, burning too much can make them tired and unwilling to participate in the lessons. 

Snacks: Small, healthy and protein packed snacks are perfect for giving that boost of energy they need to focus. An apple with peanut butter or a small cup of trail mix is a good option. This will feed their appetite and hold them over until lunch. Refrain from sugary snacks to avoid a sugar rush and the fatal sugar crash moments later. 

Schedule: Before you start your daily lesson with your child, try writing down the proposed schedule on a piece of paper or on a white board. Having a schedule written out for the child, will help them remain focused on the topic at hand and prepare for what is to come. 

Make it fun: Keep the lesson plans interactive and fun. The more fun you make it, the less they get bored and the less they lose focus. Using bright colors, interactive media and hands on projects is perfect for homeschoolers. 

To keep your child on track, post the daily schedule within their view and follow. Remember to make the lessons fun and interactive, schedule breaks and snacks. Don’t forget to let them blow off the steam and exercise before the lessons begin. Good luck and happy homeschooling! 

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