Thursday, March 31, 2011

Books!! Books!!! & More Books!!!

My boys love to read and recently while surfing I came across Book Closeouts. Oh my!!! What I find, we usually just go to the library because if we bought books all the time we would be broke and there would be no where to walk in the house the way these two read. So, I signed up for the newsletter the last time we ordered and in my email today I get the newsletter announcing a sale. A sale these books are already marked down 50% to 80% off.

Brandon just got done chosing his books and would like more, but until Brett chooses his first. Currently our balance on one paperback (originally $6.99 we paid $2.99) and one hard cover (originally $12.40 we paid $4.99) is $7.98!!!!! Your kidding? Right? Wow!!! we are tickled to death with this great find.

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