Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three Point Paragraph

I believe that being able to write legibly is just as important as reading to understand is. A good time to start a child out with writing is in fifth grade. The three point paragraph is easy to write and the child can utilize any topic they wish. I find with my boys the process goes smoother and easier when they write about their interests.

Once the topic has been decided encourage the child to brainstorm. This is where a writer determines what to include in their writing. Since this is a three point paragraph discuss with the child or have them write down what they would like to discuss. This does not only have to be three ideas at this point.

Utilizing graphs for brainstorming can be not only useful, but fun. It allows the child to explore the many aspects of the topic. While there are many graphs available online you or your child could easily customize a graph. Once the topic has been established open up Word or any other document you utilized and add clipart to the graph. This will make it more personal, fun and can be incorporated into a portfolio.

Now it is time to decide which three points will be utilized to write the paragraph. the child will also need to determine what one important fact they want to mention about each point.

I have a reluctant writier who I sit with and work through the process. We have fun being silly and coming up with silly things. This just makes the process more fun and less daunting for him. Sitting with him and working through the steps makes it easier for him to understand the process of writing the three point paragraph.

Easy steps for writing a three point paragraph.

Graphs to utilize when brainstorming

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