Monday, March 28, 2011

High School Credits Before High School???

Wow!! I am amazed at what I read today as my reserch for homeschooling high school continues. In an article written on, Oklahoma High School , the author discuss crediting students before high school as high school work. While laws vary from state to state I don't believe there is any state that requires a credit be earned only during the high school years. As my research continues I will keep an eye for this.

From what the writer states Oklanhoma law requires two years of United States History. While this same subject is usually taught during say 6th through 8th grade it is than repeated. Why repeat it when the child can be credited for what has already been done.

This is only one example of how students not yet in high school can start earning their high school credits. Carefully study your states requirements to see if your student may be able to achieve credits before entering the actual high school years.

I also suggest you start looking to these topics when your child is about to enter 7th grade.

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