Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Two Finds for the Day

I love to research web sites for their content and usefulness for my family as well as other homeschoolers. Right now I am in the process of moving the main web site for Education Jump-Off to another site. I have more room for links and look forward to find new ones to share.

This morning I have been working on the Bible based page of the new site. Due to the time it takes to create and move everything I decided to research two new sites for Bible studies and blogs which was empty until now.

My search for Bible study for children turnde up A Kid's Heart, but it was not the first one I checked out. Two things made this site stand out for me. First the extensive resources for each topic was wonderful and fresh from other sites I have seen like it. The Second was the section on the Holidays Celebrated by Y'shua (Jesus.)For me and my family these are important for Christians to know about, more so than the secular holidays many celebrate stemming from Pagan roots.

The second find of the day is 100 Best Blogs for Christian Homeschoolers. I love this find because each blog is unique and different. For those seeking information on homeschooling and wondering what is like these are great blogs to check out. Why? Because they are the lives of real homeschool families sharing their experiences with the world.

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Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

I'll have to check out that link to the 100 best Christian homeschoolers!