Friday, May 27, 2011

Education Through Summer Activities Part 4

There is more we can do for educating through the summer without leaving the house or spending any money.

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS!!!!! Yeah I love the fact that I can get onto the computer to view a variety of things. You can find just about anything you want on there. "Mom can we go to the zoo?" The baby is sick, money is tight and you are beat from schooling and household chores. Besides we did baseball, art, park day and karate already this week.

"No, we can not go to the zoo today, but you can see some animals and learn about them on the computer. We can also get some activity pages you can do."

There are a number of web sites which are geared towards virtual fields. However, I personally feel if it says virtual I get to interact somehow or watch a video, this is not the case with all of them. But, they are educational.

Virtual Field Trip has tons of links on a variety of topics including zoo cams, frog disection and castles from the middle ages just to name a few.

Virtual Field Trips I visited the White House, The Museum of Science and Industry and Africam.

Read Write Think this site offers a selection of virtual field for grades 3-5 and includes educational resources. There are also acitvities with 6-8.

Teachnology has various generators to help you create your own crosswords, word search and more.

Tools for Educators also has various generators to create bingo cards, dice, games and more. Totally cool site.

By conducting a word/topic specific search using the word coloring pages you should be able to easily find some. I Googled coloring pages White House and a slew of sites came up.

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