Thursday, May 12, 2011

Homeschool for Free

I started a blog yesterday when the power went out. I tried to finish it today and realized I lost all my resources and would need to retrace my steps. As I started to do that through Google, I started spotting other blogs and sites which offered free resources.

Well now I have to add them to my web site and started to put them under the frugal living tab, when it dawned on me that the whole site was frugal. So, now I'm sitting back OK now where do I list these items?

Point is there are tons of web sites and blogs from other homeschoolers waiting to be tapped into. How many great resources sit out there never to be noticed? If you are on Twitter do a search for homeschool and see how many homeschoolers have blogs where they post free resources. Google free homeschooling and watch the number of blogs that turn up.

While the new home for my web site is still under construction and always will be, stop by and take a look to see if there is something your family can use. Happy Homeschooling!

Education Jump-Off

Free Stuff for Homeschoolers As I browsed this blog I noticed there were no comments on any of the posts. Stop by and leave this homeschool blogger a comment she has some great stuff here.

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