Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Konos Vocabulary Flash Cards

As a member of the Konos group on Yahoo I recieved an update from the group this morning. One of the members has created a worksheet for the vocabulary words. I mentioned to her that Brandon has been using Quizlet for his vocabulary. It makes studying so much easier and he has chosen to play scatter instead of printing out the flashcards.

He puts his words in on Monday, the rest of the week he plays scatter. Scatter is a game where you have to match the word and defintion, but they are scattered over the screen, so it is a drag and drop game. It is great because it times him to see how fast he can match and retains the previous times so he can see how is doing.

On Fridays he takes the test which gives the definition and he has to put in the word. However, he discovered if he spells a word wrong it is counted as wrong.There are other options for the test such as true and false or multiple choice.

You can view the students results for both the games and the tests, this is better than I first thought. The big plus is he likes studying his vocabulary words, thank you Quizlet.

So,for those of you using Konos come and join the group!!!


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check out: Vocabulary Builder