Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have always loved poetry, it is a great way for one to express themselves. For me it was a way to relieve any and all stress which accompanied me during my teen years. The sad part is now that I have learned to deal with certain issues in my life that come up I no longer write poetry. The good thing is my daughter has grown to love poetry were she now relieves the stress of her teen years. No matter how one chooses to utilize poetry it can be fun and is a great way to get those non-writers writing. I feel non-writers are more likely indulge in poetry due to the variety of styles. Some styles are very simple and require very thought, these tend to allow children to be silly with their writing. But after all is this not what childhood is suppose to be filled with silliness and laughter. Understood their is a time to be serious, but childhood does not last long lets help to make it fun and light hearted.

Lessons for Poetry
This site contains a large selections of lessons for poetry, by doing a copy past you could print out the worksheets.

List of Famous Poets and Poems
This site contains a very extensive list in alphabetical order.

Poetry Worksheets
A nice selection of poetry worksheets which include examples

Writing Poetry for Elementary Grades
This site contains a vast array of links for poetry try the "Poetry Idea Engine" by Scholastic very cute.

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