Wednesday, November 11, 2009

13 Colonies

I decided to save some money this year on curriculum and thought I hit the jack pot when I found the Crossroads online American history curriculum. I felt I could easily utilize the middle school version with both boys 5th & 7th grades. We went along smoothly until we hit a snag, where were the 13 Colonies? They talked about the Mayflower Compact, trades and religion, and on to the Revolution. Hold up there now I want the boys to have a full understanding of how this country was built. So last night I went to work looking at web site for the 13 Colonies getting ideas of how to do this on my own. I found a site that had the Colonies listed in chronological order and decided that was it, we would studying them in order. So I worked all day reading through web site after web site deciding on what would come first and so on. I started at about 6:30 am and it is now 2:50 pm and I am done. Why so long, dial up is all I can say. The web site will be updated as we trudge along in our studies. We don't do history every day so if you go by one day and it's still the same that's because we haven't moved yet.

Virginia 1607 Jamestown

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