Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Reading

Summer break is here again, I look forward to it just as much as the children do. Just because it is summer though does not mean the learning stops. There are so many opportunities for learning in the every day things we cross paths with. Making frequent trips to the library is one that will keep children reading and learning, even if they are reading mindless frivolous books. There will be plenty of time for discussion and learning from these types of books as well. Words which are not understood will bring children asking what they mean, this is vocabulary. Situations the characters get them selves into will have children asking questions, character building time. Just because a child is off with a book do not dismiss them. Ask them questions about what they are reading this can lead to a great time of discussion, learning and bonding. One will not only get the scoop on a book, but also into the thoughts and feelings of the child reading the book. If your child keeps a reading log encourage them to continue logging their books, if not the link at the bottom will take you to one. Through out this school year the boys have read over one hundred books each, and they are still reading. The reading log for them is a visual of what they have not only accomplished, but also what they need to do in order to obtain their goals. I reward them when they get to a certain number with different things. Though one could see this as a bribe, it is hard to view it that way when they are doing it because they want to. If the child in your life is a non reader encourage them by reading with them, this is a great time for bonding. Though due to the hectic lives most individuals lead these days makes it hard, one chapter could take as little as twenty minutes. Set goals for them if five books are read we can go get an ice cream cone. Set a low limit for those less interested in reading, find out what it is they would like to have. If they want something bigger than an ice cream cone a larger amount may need to be considered. Make sure goals are easily achievable for the child they are being set for. While some will strive to achieve the goal others may need more motivation. The child is known best by the care giver in their lives, remember the goal is to educate not hinder. While I’m blessed to have three children that love to read I know not every household is like this. One thing I do know is that through reading one uses their imagination, spells better, and has a more extensive vocabulary. This may not apply to everyone for we are all created different and learn different, but this does not mean reading should not be encouraged. Take every opportunity to encourage children to read, it is one of the most important tools needed for effective learning.

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