Friday, June 13, 2008

Teaching Reading

I remember when I started to teach my middle one to read, he was known as the wiggly Willie. This child could not be still for long periods of time and I remember him hanging upside down over the side of the couch during reading lessons. I would follow his movements with the book so he could see it. Some might say that is just ridiculous, but it is how he learned to read. I had done my home work researching all the beginning reading materials along with learning styles. Though it seemed to me this child would prefer something hands on he didn't. I decided to use Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons because I liked the way the book was laid out. Though it was dry and we could not complete one whole lesson in a day it worked. I had previously bought the first set of Bob Books and decided to bring them out. It was amazing it was as if these books were written to use with 100 Easy Lessons. My son loved the fact that he could read so soon and began to look forward to his reading lesson. I then discovered Get Ready for the Code which also fit like a glove with this program. We never used the writing assignments in the book we used Get Ready for the Code instead. Donna Young has print outs for this program on her web site I will include the link below. One thing I want to suggest is that while the books give us guidance they are flexible. Use them in a way that will best teach the child in your life. One way to easily discourage a child from learning is to be force feed. Wait until they are ready then guide them gently on the right path. I have included links for the books I mentioned so they may be viewed. I want to add that I also taught my youngest to read utilizing the same materials and both of my boys now 11 & 9 love to read.

Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Bob Books

Before the Code

There are three books for this beginning series book a did not have samples, so this link will take you to the book b.

100 Easy Lessons Writing Lessons
This is a great site altogether take some time to look around.

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