Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Learning Through Play & Senses

What causes a shutter down my back? Individuals wanting to have actual curriculum for pre-school and kindergarten. This is the time for play and outings, a child will learn more by exploring the world around them then sitting and doing some redundant worksheets. Worksheets have their place, but I never forced them on my children. I would leave them on the table and if they did them OK, if they didn't that was OK also until my youngest. The two older children loved the worksheets and would complete up to four a week, but the youngest simply pushed them aside at meal times and wanted nothing to do with them. At first it didn't bother me, but after a while I started hyper ventilating wondering was wrong with my child, OK calm down remember all the articles previously read how each child learns in their own time in their own way. OK we played more, talked more and learned things from the environment around us. For instance numbers were learned through the micro-wave which he wanted to utilize everytime we went to fix his favorite food, the hot dog. He soaked up information as I taught his sister and brother and is still a sponge today.

Through play children also utilize a variety of their senses, sometimes all of them. They touch a toy, feel it and sometimes even taste it. Their young eyes stare at the images before them in pictures books and the world around them in wonder. They grab at whatever they can get their little hands on to explore what ever it may be. Little ears listen intently as music and language fills the space around them.

When children utilize a specific sense in order to gather information it is known as a learning style. For instance auditory learners utilize hearing in order to process the information being received. Visual learners love items to look at in order to gain information. Lastly the learners who have to touch everything because that is how they learn best is referred to as kinesthetic.

This is why Story Time Felts are such a great product they allow children to play and have fun while they learn. All the learning styles are also covered so no matter how the child/children in your life learn Story Time Felts is there. They allow them to utilize their imagination as they create a farm of dinosaurs or decide that Papa Bear is the giant in "Jack in the Bean Stalk." They are not confused, test them do the same thing and they will correct you, they are learning to form new ideas and thoughts about the world around them and Story Time Felts can help.

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