Monday, October 13, 2008

Alternatives for October 31st

For many Christians October 31 is not a day they wish to partake in. There are alternatives which have been found to be fun and exciting for Christian children. Some alternatives include Fall Festivals, home parties, and Trick or Trunking which is a more recent alternative. Some of these events take place on October 31, but others are used as a way to celebrate all that God has given to us while having fun.
Fall Festivals or Harvest Fests are a common alternative and out reaches which usually take place at a church. This event is used to give parents an alternative to traditional door to door trick-or-treating which has become more dangerous. The churches have a variety of activities set up for the children such as games, hay rides, and pony rides. Depending on where an individual lives depends on the type of activities one will find. To encourage participation free food is offered along with candy and prices for the children. This also gives the church an opportunity to get to know others in the community and share the Word.
Some individuals may wish to hold their own Fall Festival or Harvest Fest. Preparing ahead of time the fall theme is predominate through the home. Home made leaf decorations hang through out giving the feeling of falling leaves. Smells of fall welcome each guest as they enter their noses are met with home made apple cider, pumpkin bread and cookies. An area is set up with markers, stickers, and other items to adhere to paper candy bags. Medium size pumpkins are available to be decorated by each child as they wish. There is a game of pumpkin bowling utilizing empty two liter bottles and miniature pumpkins. After consuming apple cider, pumpkin bread and cookies its time for the ultimate end to the day or evening, the candy hunt. Children hunt for hidden candy either inside or out utilizing the bags they made earlier, collecting all their fall themed candy. Some individuals may turn this into a theme party and children are asked to dress accordingly. This may include a Biblical theme or any other theme the host decides.
The newest alternative to make the scene is Trick-or-Trucking which also usually takes place at a church. Church members and other individuals in the community are invited to decorate their vehicles with a fall theme. If this event is sponsored by another source participates may be asked to decorate according to the traditional October 31st theme. There may in these instances also be a parade of the vehicles before and prizes awarded for the best decorated vehicle. Each participant loads up the trunk or back of their vehicle with candy, some may incorporate small items such as toys as well. Children come dressed in costume and go from vehicle to vehicle Trick-or-Trunking.
No matter what an individuals beliefs are these are some ways which October 31st can be celebrated in a fun and safe way. And remember you can always hold your own celebration.

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