Friday, August 28, 2009


What is this you ask? Well until this morning I would not have been able to tell you. It all started with breakfast, I asked my boys what they wanted this morning. They both ran for the cook books and began browsing through, decided there was nothing there of interest, closed them and put them back. Then my youngest said "Hey I know let's make something Native American, we can look on the internet." Sure I'm game Friday is cooking day and we are studying the Native Americans, so onto the computer we go, conduct our search and view a variety of different foods the Native Americans may have eaten for breakfast. We see the bannock and decide to take a look plus it had a five star rating. We make sure we have all the ingredients and are off to make breakfast. Bannock is a fried bread, it is very easy to make and the boys loved it. They said it was a combination of a biscuit and pancake. I encouraged them to try it with different things such as butter, honey, jelly (had none) and they suggested syrup. I personally liked it with just butter, though the syrup was good which is what the boys chose. We made two batches today and have a new recipe for breakfast which is quick and easy. I feel bannock could be eaten at any time of the day or even as a snack with some jelly, yummy. Looking for something new to try or add to your study of Native Americans this is it.


Native American Breakfast Recipes
Here you can view all the recipes we had to chose from.

Native American Lunch and Dinner
This link contains more recipes for those who may be interested in lunch and dinner dishes also. There are 43,532 guess we need to try some more.

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