Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can you Find????

If your child/children are like mine they love look and find books. These books are guaranteed to be a hit on a rainy day, while waiting at the doctor's office or on long trips. The benefits of these books is that they draw children into them getting them caught up in the hunt. You will love the quite they bring to those visits to the doctor's office where you can wait for hours. We flew to Hawaii (a nine hour flight plus a lay over)the boys had a bunch of look and find books which made the trip less stressful for me. It is worth the money to have a child happy with a book in their hands verses an electronic device. And let's face it a book costs less money than an electronic device or their add ons. Plus it is proven that books have more educational value then even electronic learning tools. The 1001 things to spot books will be beneficial to younger children learning their numbers. Older children will have fun looking for images while learning interesting facts with the Great Search Titles.

Look and Find Books
You will love the large assortment and various topics which are available. Buying online is not only quick, but easy.

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