Saturday, November 21, 2009

Learning Styles

An individual commented on my last blog, referring to how important it is to know how a child learns when choosing programs. Funny I was planning on blogging on that very topic.

Understanding how an individual learns aids in an educators ability to transmit information successfully. For years there have been three primary ways in which individuals learn kinetic, audio and visual. A recent article I read suggests a fourth digital. It is also known that while individuals tend to utilize more than one learning style, there is one primary way which they learn best. By incorporating all of the learning styles into teaching, an individual can be certain that information will be digested. For instance while I was participating in online classes I had information given to me in a variety of ways. I had the text book (visual,) online chats(audio,) power point presentations (visual,) which also incorporated interactive games (kinetic.) While it was all the same information I felt by utilizing all three learning styles I retained information much more effectively. This way of teaching children not only holds a greater guarantee for retention, but also makes learning more fun and interesting.

Tune in tomorrow for more on teaching utilizing all of the learning styles.

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