Friday, June 11, 2010

Homeschooling the High School Years

My oldest son will be in 8th grade this school year. I decided not to wait until the last minute to start researching record keeping and what ever else I can learn to make sure he meets all the requirements. It would stink for him to be applying to a college and be told things are not in order. The first site I looked at suggests starting to keep records during 7th and 8th grade for practice. The site includes other helpful articles such as homeschooling gifted teens preparing homeschoolers for college and more.

Donna Young, if you have never visited this site it is a must add to your favorites. She is like the queen of homeschool forms and I found some geared toward record keeping for homeschooled high schoolers. I have never visited this site before, but glanced at the sample of the high school planner and it looks like this site will be included in my favorites. Be sure to take a look at the record keeping. Samples are provided along with blank printables.

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Anonymous said...

I am going to also going to say that Donna Young's site is a great resource for homeschooling high schoolers!