Thursday, May 26, 2011

Education Through Summer Activities Part 3

OK I am going to try to make this short and sweet, yeah right this from someone who likes to talk. I'm behind schedule due to my new endeavor Homeschooling High School, there are very few resources for this topic so I decided to share my adventure.

Anyway I have some great ideas to educate the boys through summer, these are all low cost. We will not be going on vacation and due to only one car, which I get twice during the week, we are limited.

First, we love games and while all the games we like to play are not educational I will be sure to pull the ones we do have out. My boys went through the 39 Clues phase and that Christmas I found the game. It deals with geography and is actually very challenging. This is a series of books if you are not familiar with them, the boys read all of them through the library. Scholastic has resources for educators if your child is currently reading this series you could add to it for summer learning.

Another game we enjoy is Scrabble however, no two or three letter words are allowed. I mean come on they are 14 and 12 and I am.... mature enough to think of words with more than two or three letters.

Younger children can benefit from games like Candy Land, you could easily make your own board and cards for a similar game if you do not have it and money is tight. Donna Young's site has some game templates you can use and print them out on card stock. Jimmie, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote a how to article on Heart of the Matter for creating your own board games with extensive links. This is great too because children can help to create their own games, perfect for a rainy day.

File Folder games are also a great way to get younger children excited about learning. Conducting an online search for free file folder games will give you more options however, there are a great deal here.

Stay tuned for more ideas for educating through the summer with fun activities!

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