Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Education Through Summer Activities Part 2

Summer is a time for camps, family gatherings, vacations and more. The world is the place where children gain the best education.

Learning to work together at camp in order to pitch a tent or rowing a canoe for the first time. By listening to older family members talk about the times in which they lived children can learn about their history along with that, of the way life used to be. Educational opportunities are probably the most abundant while on vacation, through the food, type of people, attractions and more.

All these things can be counted as educational to either make up for lost school time or to add to the next year. Oh and don't forget to check web sites for educational material for any places of interest you visit, you will be surprised how many have these.

While at the Homeschool Lounge the other day someone posted about how to document a field trip. There were various relplies some included allowing the children to purchase a post card and then noting something on it about the trip. This can work with vacations also. One other reply stated that they used the field trip form from Donna Young's site (awesome site if you have never been there.) There is also an extracurricular activities log you can utilize to keep track of other things with.

Be sure to record the type of activity, number of hours and catagorize it. For instance if Suzy talked with Aunt Martha for hours about her child hood you can count it as history or give Suzy credit for doing an interview.

Get creative with how you can label things that you and your kids do together or that they do on their own through out the summer break.

I was going to create a PDF, but I don't see a need to reinvent the wheel when Donna Young already has some great items to use. The extracurricular activity log can be used for other activities which are not a field trip.

Tomorrow I hope to discuss the high schoolers and their summer activities. I say hope because you never know when life will happen.

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