Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Bucket List

I was not going to blog today, but life has a way of getting me to do things I did not plan to do. A lot of times it happens because of something I have read in one of the newsletters I recieve. Well that is exactly how this came to be, plus it ties in with the series of blogs I recently did geared towards education through summer activities.

OK here it goes a Summer Bucket List, I have started created one, but it is not all fun or all educational. I thought it was a good idea to create one to help me make sure I do all I want to before summer break is over. Click on the image above to go to the Little Wonder Days blog, this is where it all stemmed from. Plus you can do a link up for your bucket list along with get some ideas of what others are doing. Sounds like fun to me, here is what I currently have on my list.

1.) Visit a museum (I have not be to one in 6 years since I left Chicago.)

2.) Tour New Orleans (Been here a year and still have not done this.)

3.) Safari Quest (Local laser tag, the boys have been wanting to go for a year.)

4.) Host a mystery party

5.) Have all the boys school supplies purchased.

Updated list as of May 31, 2011

6.Create a life size game

7. Paint Brett's room

8. Water Park

9. See a movie

10. Buy Twister

11. Have a Twister pary!!!!

12. Make homemade ice cream added June 2, 2011


Kelly said...

Thanks for blogging about our bucket list! Your list looks great. I love the idea of a mystery party. I'm off to read more of your blog!
Little Wonders' Days

Kelly said...

Hi Joyce,
I'm so glad you want to link up your list! I've opened the party for a few more days. Here's the link


Heavenly Bodies said...

Thank you Kelly for stopping by and I am going to head over and post my Summer Bucket List. I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing along with visiting some new blogs.