Monday, June 27, 2011

4th of July Fun

Today in my email I received various copies of the newsletters I subscribe to. All had products geared towards the 4th of July, Independence Day. While some of the information was good and useful, I want a break from school. I need it just as much as the kids do and anything that resembles school is unwanted at this time.

However, I am all for fun learning along with occupying the kids with fun activities for the 4th of July. When I was young we had a block party every year. Families would come together outside of their homes, the street was blocked off and us kids had a blast. There were all kinds of activities such as the bike parade, my favorite, I remember spending the day before decorating my bike for the event. Prizes were awarded for various areas and ages, I won two different times. Younger children decorate or their parents did pedal cars and wagons, so if you are thinking about doing something like if it has wheels it's a go

There were all types of games for the youth and the adults. The fire truck would come out, open the fire hydrandt and hook up one of the hoses to the top of the truck somehow and it was a great big shower of fun. Men would grab the children's wagons and drag their wives out of the house and down to the fire truck for a shower. We had a blast, while you might not be able to have a block party you can still have fun with your family and friends.

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The Adventurer said...

Thanks for hte link up to the NOBH. Not many neighborhoods do parties anymore which is so sad. I have lived 3 years in my neighborhood and only know one neighbor. The others never come outside:( Hope you are able to put something together taht is July 4 fun