Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the Inbox

Here is what was in my in-box today, I have only included the items I thought were blog worthy.

First up the the weekly freebie from Currclick the Joy of Handwriting Bible Copywork - Cursive & Manuscript by Teach me Joy."This set of copywork worksheets is designed as handwriting practice work for both manuscript and cursive writers. It is a companion to The Joy of Handwriting handwriting program, which teaches both lowercase and capital letters."

From Connect the Thoughts free spelling courses starting Wednesday June 29, 2011 until late Friday July 1, 2011. Chose from Starter ages 5-6 pre-literature, elementary 7-8 for those who are developing literacy and lower/upper school ages 9-adult. These links will not work until tomorrow. I will check them to make sure they are connecting properly tomorrow.

News from the Homeschool Lounge a recently new language program Speekee's Special Spanish Homeschool curriculum. Two weeks free after that it is $7.50 per month.

From Maria's Math author of Mammoth Math comes a newsletter packed with reviews on some useful math products. Also a free trial for AdaptedMind an online math program for K-6 with a cost of $9.95 a month if you wish to continue. You need to scroll down to activate the free trial.

I'm glad I was unable to publish this blog yesterday because some individuals were having problems with the Tux Math download, if you have this problem please use this link for the download. This is one of the products Maria had list in her newsletter.

One of my favorite blogs Jimmie's Collage contains some great information on teaching math. If you don't subscribe to this blog you should, Jimmie has all kinds of creative ways of teaching along with posting reviews and more, all geared towards homeschooling. The one area that stood out the most was the living history for math. What a great idea incorporating the history of math into your math curriculum. I think this would allow a greater understanding and maybe even retention of concepts.

From Pillsbury, I always try to keep crescent rolls on hand because I can make various dishes with them. While this recipe for Sloppy Joe Casserole uses the bread sticks it can easily be adapted to use crescent rolls instead. A nice quick and easy meal, substitute ground turkey for a healthier dish.

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