Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teaching Geography

Photo credit: Knowledge Quest
Geography, how many of you teach your students geography? I confess we have touched on it, but never really taught it extensively. The boys find coloring and labeling maps both boring and childish. I don't remember learning geography in school, except once. So, why should we teach our students geography?

From now until Friday April 27, 2012 on the Homeschool Convention Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest has a free work shop entitled "5 Easy Ways to Add Geography." Note that you do have to be signed up with the Homeschool Convention in order to access this workshop. During this thirty minute workshop Terri tells us why we should study geography. My favorite is number one, I feel it is a great way to teach geography to students that is not boring and incorporates subjects they are already doing including literature. You will just have to watch the workshop to find out what it is.

Also while you are at the Homeschool Convention stop by the Knowledge Quest booth to download your free Globalmania game, click on free one year curriculum located to the right at the bottom of the sign.  The game is suppose to help students master geography in seven months or less. Also be sure to stop the Knowledge Quest web site for geography apps.

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