Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chemistry for Middle School

My eleven year old announced he wanted to learn chemistry this year. I wanted to find something that both of the boys could use together, especially since they are only two years apart. I started my search at Home Science Tools looking under the science curriculum tab. That is where I first saw the Real Science for 4 Kids chemistry curriculum. This site does not allow you to look inside the book, but the home site does and the materials are cheaper. Also at the home site you have the option to buy the teacher's editions separately for each of the topics which include chemistry, biology, and physics. You also have the option of purchasing the teacher's edition and laboratory pages on CD. The most impressive aspect of this program for me was viewing the connections to language. This reviews the Greek and Latin root words used in science. We will be studying Greek and Latin roots so I feel this will just add to it. I must also mention that chemistry texts are available at different levels so pre K can learn just as well as the middle school children or jr high. Each book is geared to specific grades allowing for teaching more than one child at a time. I will be using chemistry level 1 which is geared toward 3-5 grade. The other program I considered was Christian Kids Explore Chemistry geared towards grades 4th - 8th. Though I like that this curriculum is done from a Christian perspective I feel Real Science has more to offer in the way of chemistry and learning it. To view Christian Kids Explore chemistry you can visit the Timber doodle web site. While there are a variety of other companies which distribute this curriculum you can look inside here. I want to add that if you are interested in chemistry look under Home Science Tools tab chemistry. This is a great site for science altogether, they also have science items put together for a variety of the popular science programs homeschoolers use.

Home Science Tools

Real Science 4 Kids

Timber doodle

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