Monday, April 18, 2011

Vocabulary Fun

The schools are taking a break for spring and so are many homeschoolers. We however, are not due to events and book fairs I did during the fall and winter months. The boys asked if I could make the week easier and I said well we can make it more fun.

There is a game some friends of mine used to play, I don't know if it has a name, but we call it the dictionary game. It's easy, get a dictionary, something to write with and some paper. This is not a game for young children. One person finds a word in the dictionary and writes it down along with definition. They also include two other definitions which they make up, players need to determine which definition is the correct one.

For younger children you can use Quizlet to print out words and definitions or create your own. Place a magnet strip, available in rolls at most craft stores, on the back of the definition cards. You can purchase a magnet fishing pole at some dollar stores or make your own. Let the child chose a word and then go fish for the definition.

More vocabulary activities sorted by levels.

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