Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Book Review

This wonderful book follows a young curious penguin named Pipkin as he journeys to see how high the sky is. As do most youngsters Pipkin asks many questions about the world around him. He would like to know why snowflakes are cold, how deep the sea is and if the sun goes to bed at night. But in this story Pipkin wants to know most of all how high the sky is. With the help of various animals and modes of transportation Pipkin goes higher and higher up into the sky until he reaches the moon. As he stands on the moon and looks into space he realizes that while this is as far as he can go, he still has no answer. He returns home to inform his mother that no matter how high he went the sky just kept on going and going. With wonderful simple illustrations and enough words to hold the attention of a three year old this book is sure to be a favorite. Older children will enjoy reading it for themselves. The best thing about this book is the poster at the back of the book. When unfolded it informs the reader how high Pipkin was at each point of the story and more. Nice soft hard back cover makes the book a joy to hold.

How High is the Sky? With Poster

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