Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Felt for Education and Fun

Of course we can not talk about the alphabet and education without mentioning the products which Story Time Felts carries to aid in this area. While there are products to aid in this area it does not stop there it continues into phonics and reading as well. Learning Letters contains 104 pieces for teaching both the alphabet and phonics. A fun game to play to aid in recognizing upper and lower case letters would be to take five upper case letters and five lower case and play concentration with them. As the child learns more the number can be increased, if you need to start with less do so remember they learn best when they are having fun.

Toggle books are a newer item to the Story Time Felt family and provide for learning wherever you go. These books are double sided, include suggestions for use along with including a convenient carrying case. Each toggle includes a theme with a variety of activities to perform such as matching upper case to lower case letters, matching colors to the word or utilizing phonics to discover the first letter of a word. Which ever toggle is chosen pre-schoolers will be sure to learn in a fun way where ever they go.

And don't forget it's OK if they get dirty they are washable and so are the books. Choose from a variety of themes such as space, pets, ducks, the jungle, ranch and more.When ordering please remember to include my name (Joyce Wheeler) as the consultant, thank you. However orders also can be placed directly through me, or better yet have a catalog party if you are not located in West TN and I can send you samples and catalogs so you can earn FREE products. Enter to win FREE shipping and you not only receive FREE felt, but FREE shipping as well. To register visit Education Jump-Off and click on the Story Time Felt link.

Educational Toggles

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