Sunday, August 2, 2009

Before They Read

I have incorporated some useful links for web sites which contain printable pages for teaching the alphabet. When utilizing coloring pages think about turning them into a craft project by utilizing other things other than crayons, for instance noodles, or rice colored with food coloring are an option. Printable pages may also be turned into a lab book, if you are not familiar with lap books take a look at the links below for a greater understanding of this fun educational tool.

Alphabet Printable Activities
Bookmark this site it is one of the best preschool sites on the web.

What is a Lapbook?
Read about what a lapbook is and their benefits, then take a look at some of the samples.

Free Alphabet Lapbook
If you love this idea and want to try here are pages you could utilize which are made for lapbooking. However never be afraid to think out of the box, it is the biggest up point to being a homeschool family.

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