Friday, July 31, 2009

Young Children & Communication

However we don’t wait until the Jr. High or high school years to teach communication this starts from the time children first become a part of our lives. They are talked to on an ongoing basis and gradually learn to speak. When my children were babies I would sprawl out a blanket on the floor lay them on their backs get down on my back with a book and read to them. I would point at the pictures and tell them what each one was and make sounds if appropriate. This is a time I cherish to this day and have done this with my husband grand son as well, I suppose I may do the same for my grandchildren. I want to mention that while this might not have anything to do with it all my children love to read.

Now that they can speak it is time for the ABC song and from there they should be introduced to the alphabet by sight. Because young children learn best through play let’s take a look at how this learning time can be made more enjoyable through play. There are so many fun ways to teach the alphabet such as coloring pages, lab books, crafts and Story Time Felts. Each one of these can be utilized in a variety of ways to teach children the alphabet.

In the upcoming days I will be posting on the topics previously mentioned with more detail and links. I have been working today to find the best of the best and I am excited to bring them to everyone.

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