Monday, August 24, 2009

The Importance of Early Education

I know early education is important, but wanted documented research to back up my beliefs. If an individual conducts a search for the importance of early education just like any other search a variety of links appear. I read through a variety to make sure that each was consistent with what others had to say. The most interesting of these came from two different sites the first was the state of Ohio government site and the second from a web site simply entitled "Math & Reading Help." The biggest consistency I found was that between birth and age five is a very important time in the development of a child. It is for this reason that I seek to enable all caregivers with the tools to aid in both the development and education of the child/children in their lives.

As a distributor for Story Time Felts I provide products which appeal to four of the five senses of a child along with the three main learning styles, hands on, audio and visual. This product is an investment in not only one child but will last beyond them and can be shared with their children. The product is not only durable, but also machine washable. The wonderful part is that these wonderful products can be obtained for FREE through hosting a catalog or home party.

Usborne Books and More provide books from birth to Jr high. They help children to learn about the world they live in and cover a variety of subjects and topics. I love the Usborne mission statement which states "The future of our world depends on the education of our children." Which fits in with my belief that the children are our greatest natural resource and my personal motto “Never stop learning?" Books give us any type of information we are seeking, by reading to children from the time they are born will aid in developing two important things a love of reading and their vocabulary. These wonderful books can also be obtained through hosting a party and along with options previously mentioned also include an online option.

Both of these great companies love to visit daycares, pre-schools, schools and libraries in order to aid them in obtaining FREE educational materials as well.

Because I am new to the Usborne family I am able to supply double the amount of FREE product to twenty hostess which reach $250.00 in sales and one party booked from theirs to be held no more than four weeks after the show it was booked at. This however does not apply to shows conducted online. For those interested in joining this great endeavor I am able to offer them the consultant kit at half the price.

Ohio Government

Math & Reading Help

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