Friday, August 21, 2009

United States History, Native Americans

I found this great site containing a whole text book for United States History. The nice thing about this site is that the text is geared towards ages K-16. Depending on the age/grade that is being taught depends on which curriculum will be utilized. We are using this, this year and I love the price even though you need to print out worksheets for the lessons. At this time we are working on the Native Americans before Columbus, because it is geared towards a class I have altered this part. Groups were supposed to be formed each one taking a tribe from the various areas. Instead each one of the children has chosen a tribe to study and report on from each area. We are utilizing library books to conduct the research, but I know you can find plenty of information on the internet.

Crossroads, American History

Native Americans I love Mr Donn for history this site is a must bookmark. Click on the link for clip art to give reports more visual appeal or for notebooks and lapbooks.

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