Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shurley English

I found Shurley English eight years ago when my now college daughter was in fifth grade. While she could do her work just fine she was not retaining enough for her tests. At this point only the school version was available, but easily adjustable for homeschoolers. This program is great for children to identify the various parts of speech. While my boys are using Bob Jones at this time the question answer flow which Shurley utilizes for identifying parts of speech is still used. Shurley also does a great job of aiding children in writing and editing with simple exercises. Parts of speech are given for the sentence and the child puts in the words. After this is done the child is required to edit the sentence by making changes such as one synonym change and two antynom changes. The children were always amazed at how the changes effected the sentence. Another area I feel Shurley does well with is teaching how to write a three point paragraph and three point essay. For the paragraph, instructions are included in a sentence by sentence structure allowing students to not only learn about each sentence, but also see a simple example. The three point paragraph is done the same way making learning to write easy and understandable. While Shurley also teaches punctuation and more these were the big up points to the program for our family. Shurley is used to supplement and view for review of the topics discussed. The biggest down fall for me is that the sentences which need to be labeled with the parts of speech are not in the student books, but need to be written out.

Finders-Keepers while the page for Shurley English it self was not coming up for me, this is a great place to obtain the product new for a good price. Here you can also view samples before you buy and more.

Shurley Strengths & Weaknesses

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