Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wood Burning

In order to expand the boy's creativity I bought them a wood burning kit. I purchased the kit from Hobby Lobby for $16.99, not a bad price for everything you get. Plus I figured the price was worth just to get the burning tool. The boys found some wood that was not being used and sanded down the place where they would be practicing. I thought some practice would be good before tackling any of the projects that came with the kit. We all tried it and let me tell you while it is really neat it is not easy, especially turns. When their eight-teen year old sister came home she wanted to try. Being artistic she was able to work that thing even when making turns. I wish I would have gotten a picture of what she did. My youngest did not like the burning tool due to the heat, my oldest son however, spent at least an hour burning. Note, this kit says four-teen and up, my boys are thirteen and soon to be eleven. With supervision and awareness of the child I feel children within my boys age group can utilize this as well.

My almost eleven year old trying his hand burning his name into the board.

My 13 year old also burning his name into the board, man this is not easy.

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