Sunday, November 29, 2009

Favorite Stories

All children and even families have their favorite stories which they love to encounter time and time again. We never grow tired of them and even as children grow they always remember those special stories and even know them by heart. I was thrilled when I saw that Story Time Felts had incorporated some felt figures to be utilized with the telling of these stories into their product line. However, they do not have the same title, for instance our favorite story is "The Napping House," figures to utilize to tell the story are called nap time. There are felt figures to utilize for telling other favorites such as "Where The Wild Things Are," "Rainbow Fish," "Love You Forever," another one of our favorites and more. These figures do not come with a felt board however, you can purchase a small board or make your own. Children will love being able to place the pieces on the felt board as the story is being read. They may even enjoy taking them into their bath wetting them and sticking them to the wall.

Figures to Tell Favorite Stories

Felt Boards

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