Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holidays & Homeschool = Home Ec

In past years we have homeschooled through the preparation time leading up to the holidays. This year we are doing things differently. The boys have a lighter work load for school which requires the major subjects to be completed each day. This includes Bible, math, language along with one other subject such as reading or holiday worksheets. After these subjects are completed it is time for home economics. Yesterday we started our homemade ginger bread house. Brandon utilized his artistic ability to create a template from card board for our house. This was done however, after a discussion between the three children of what type of house should be created. Our dough was made, rolled out on wax paper and the template placed underneath to created each piece. The instructions said to use parchment paper, but we did not have any. While the wax paper worked we had to carefully peel the gingerbread off. So our main walls are done and today we will put on the roof we probably will not start decorating until later tonight or tomorrow. We will also be making homemade frosting to attach candy and decorate.

We will also be making eggnog cookies from a recipe I retrieved last year. If you or someone you know loves eggnog they will enjoy these cookies. Not only are they easy to make they are moist and delicious as well. As I write I have all my dry ingredients awaiting moisture. Well home EC class awaits.

Gingerbread House Recipe
This is a very tasty dough.

Icing to Hold the House Together
While the recipe calls for raw egg read on for a substitute.

Homemade Vanilla Frosting
This is the recipe I chose for our homemade frosting.

Eggnog Cookies
I could not locate the actual recipe I have, but the only difference is the one I have requires a 1/2 tsp of nutmeg.

Teaching Home EC During the Holidays
This article is from the Old Schoolhouse Magazine and offers suggestions for home economics during the holidays.

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