Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Music and Children

Have you ever wondered what was so important about music outside of the share enjoyment it brings? Care givers introduce music to their infants before they are even born by placing head phones on the mother's stomach. Music continues to be a common household practice as care givers sing to their new born child. As time goes on nursery rhythms and finger plays are performed for the child and they begin to mimic their care givers. At a very early age children automatically move to music swaying and bopping their little bodies. I remember when my daughter was about two she would dance around in a circle when she heard the theme song from both Cops and Married with Children. My husband had it down pat once the Cops theme ended the other one would start on a different station. We never grew tired of watching her dance in her little circle every week night. Music was an important part of our family when I was growing up, when my dad was home on the weekend music vibrated through out the house. The father of my children was a bass player and many nights the children and I fell asleep as him and one of his friends practiced in the kitchen. Music continues to be an important part of our lives as we listen to music for entertainment, make cleaning go by faster and to praise God. Check out the link below to see how important music is for young children.

The picture above is my daughter at about three at a wedding leading the conga line.

The Benefits of Early Childhood Music

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