Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Don't Like That Book!!!

Have you ever heard those words from a child in your life? Children tend to gravitate towards topics which interest them. Even reluctant readers will read if the subject is of interest to them. It is for this reason Usborne Books and More offers a large selection of books geared towards a variety of interests. One of my boys loves to cook so the cook books are great for him. The other one loves science and has a special interest in space and oceanography. Usborne carries multiple items which suit this child's interest and some include internet links for even more learning. No matter what the child/children is interested in Usborne has something for them. There are other items available as well such as the kid kits for those who really want to be hands on along with puzzles and cards.

obtain materials for FREE for both the child/children in your life along with Christmas grab bags.

Also take advantage of the discounted items and enter the monthly drawing.

Usborne Books and More

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