Thursday, January 7, 2010

Unique Homeschoolers

The other day while I was out gathering wood with my husband I was thinking how unique our lifestyle is. I was also thinking about other homeschool families I either know or have heard about who also live unique lifestyles. One homeschool family we are friends with are a rodeo family. They have two teen girls who participate heavily in rodeo and have both been the rodeo princess. I have heard of other homeschool families who live on farms or live a very self sufficient lifestyle. While many families are unique it just seemed to me that the homeschool families I have heard about or know seem to live more of a unique lifestyle than those who don't homeschool.

Above is a picture of our current home, as you can see we live a rural lifestlye and it is how we like it. So what is unique about that many homeschool families live in rural areas? You see all those trees? Those trees are our heat source, we are particular about any trees we cut and most of the time God downs them for us. We own fifteen and a half acres which is mostly wooded. We work to stay warm by walking the land and finding what trees are down or which ones are hindering other trees from growing. There is never a lack of kindling God provides plenty of that for us also. My husband utilizes his chain saw to cut the wood into smaller pieces, the boys and I load the wood up into the back of the truck. The wood is brought back to the house and the log splitter is brought on the scene. My thirteen was taught this year how to use it so while him and my husband bust and stack the bigger pieces, my youngest son and I do a different job. We are cutting up the longer smaller pieces, he holds them off the edge of the truck while I cut them with the chain saw. While this might sound dangerous it is not I would never put one of my children in harms way. We have a very safe and efficient way of doing our job. We are able to save a lot of money in heating bills and because the wood burning stove is in the basement are wood floors stay nice and toasty. It is also nice that it happens to be located right below the main bathroom, no cold floors for us stepping out of the shower on cold winter days.

So, that being said I would love to read about your unique homeschool family, please post and share.

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