Monday, June 14, 2010


just finished replying to an email regarding a first time homeschooler and their lack of funds. She was wondering how other families do things. Two other replies to the post gave her some great information concerning the age of the child and how at this point math and language are the most important subjects. What inspired this blog was discussion on the subjects of history and science. Though I am going to only focus on the history part it can be applied to science as.

A homeschoolers most valuable item is their library card, we utilize the library all the time especially for history. We also utilize the internet were you can find all sorts of goodies for history. One key to finding history content on the internet is the key words chosen for the search. When I search for a topic I put the word kids in the search, this turns up sites which are geared towards kids and are more appealing to them. I also use other words along with the topic such as slide show, printables, online games etc. Many sites have suggested reading which allows you to find books easily on the topic. With today's technology books which are not available at the library can be read online.

If you do this like me you have a list in your favorites so long you won't remember what you have. Make a folder for your history links it will be much easier to find.

BBC ages 4-11Here you will find interactive games and videos. Note that this is a BBC site.

Easy Fun School

Mr. DonnThis is one of the best sites for history.

Lesson PlansThis is a recent find and one worthy of adding to your favorites. The history is for preschool through 12th grade just click on the appropriate link.

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