Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unit Studies & Cooking

For the last couple of years we have incorporated cooking into our curriculum. We only cooked on Fridays and I would either let the boys chose what they wanted to cook or I would find recipes relating to either our science or history topic. We were able to try some new foods and the boys are learning cooking skills. Hey, you know the best chefs are males. If you are doing a unit study on a specific country it would be great to have the Children's World Cook Book on hand. Not only does it include recipes from all over the world, but there is also a link for an Usborne web site where more information is available. Take for example the recipe for the United States which is New York cheese cake, there is a link which will take you to a site which includes cheese cake recipes from all fifty states. Hints and tips in the front of the book is a plus for those who are just learning. No more searching the Internet Usborne has done the work for you. It might get so tasty a unit study on just food might develop. Make sure to view the sample page while you are at the site.

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