Thursday, September 9, 2010

Insects & Bugs

Since we have re-located to Louisiana we have spotted a variety of bugs/insects which we have never seen before. The image above was taken in our yard by the swamp, I have never seen a spider like this and have tried to figure out what it is. After searching and browsing the web I found this web site where you can send images of bugs/insects and they will help you to find out what they are.

Collecting supplies can be obtained at science stores including Home Training Tools. A piece of styrofoam can be utilized for pinning, we did this for my daughter and stored it in a box.

What's that bug?

About bugs

How to start a bug collection

Home Training Tools

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Lisa said...

I believe the spider is an Argiope. Locally , they call then " banana spiders"...We're in the STP Group also. I have sons ages13 and 11. HTMYS!