Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Site

As I checked my emails this morning as I usually do I noticed one from one of my favorite newsletters "Homeschool Free Stuff." I love this newsletter, because there is always at least one great resource. Today as I browsed the newsletter I saw a link for a site called "efantasmic," under their featured curriculum heading. I went to the site and really liked what I saw, a nice selection of titles and topics with worksheets for $8.95 each or a membership for
$19.95 or for a year at $129.00.

Some of the titles where for videos which they state can be watched online or borrowed from a local library. This site is great for supplementing or adding to a topic of study however, I have one problem there is no suggested age or grade level. With an almost twelve year old and fourteen year old I want to know that I can utilize the materials with them. While I like the site some of the titles suggest they are geared towards younger children. Seeing titles from the Magic School Bus and Magic Tree House series I can tell about what age children can use them however, some of the other titles are not so easy to tell.

All in all I love the concept of being able to supplement and add to curriculum with the materials they have and encourage others to take a look. Each title utilizes the same format of study and a sample of the format is available.

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