Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vocabulary & Spelling on a Shoe String Budget

After utilizing Total Language Plus I realized that we no longer had our vocabulary and spelling words. Due to the economy and issues we are facing financially I decided to continue with the way Total Language Plus was set up with some differences. The program utilizes words from the book for vocabulary and spelling. There are twelve words which stem from the various chapters to be read during the week. On the first day spelling words are written on index cards with the definaition on the back and gone over with the students. We changed this into a group activity, I tell the boys the word and they try to guess what it might mean and attempt to spell it until one of them completes it. I look up the word and tell them the meaning, the boys listen for the words during our reading time and will call it out while sometimes including the meaning. The program included different work sheets to complete through out the week which has been a little tougher to develop on my own. However, one included the vocabulary words along with the definitions which the child would need to match, this I can easily do on the computer. For spelling the boys write a sentence for each word during the week. They will be taking the spelling words and mixing up the letters for the other to decode. This of course works well when you have two or more children close in age more work would need to be done in order to accommodate one child or children at various levels. I will use a word search generator for one of the spelling lessons during the week also. I'm utilizing Discovery Education which does incorporate some advertising on the bottom of the page. There are a variety of other puzzles which can be generated utilizing your own words which can be incorporated into work sheets for spelling or vocabulary all it takes is a little imagination.

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